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nurture |nərCHər| verb [ with obj. ]
to care for and encourage the growth or development of

Our mission is to equalize access to financial services, by utilizing intellectual and financial capital, to enable our clients to achieve their purpose and dreams.

Nurture bridges global capital to talent and enterprise in emerging and frontier countries. We utilize technology and data to provide financial services to enterprises, pension funds, family offices and individuals based in, or originally from, a number of emerging and frontier countries. As of mid-2023, Nurture manages in excess of USD85m of assets on behalf of institutional and retail investors across the world.

Our work and the innovative strategies that guide our mandates are inspired by a simple lesson we learnt as kids: “Go play outside.” So we did. We got out there and explored the world, pushed the limits, cultivated our imagination and set our sights high. That is what you do when you grow up in a brand new country (as did our founders) where the old ways are not sacred and there are endless possibilities of new ways. Combine this with our collective exposure to global markets, our skills, our international experience, our use of data and technology and our access to a comprehensive network of expertise, and you have the strength of a multi-faceted investment analysis approach by a young, dynamic team, that understands local markets in a global setting.

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