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Asset Management

Nurture Asset Management Zimbabwe (Private) Limited (‘NAMZ’) is the Nurture Group’s asset management arm. Its activities are licensed and regulated by the Securities Exchange Commission of Zimbabwe.

In the delivery of its asset management services, NAMZ draws on the experience of its diversely skilled team which comprises of investment professionals, chartered financial analysts, actuaries, economists, commercial lawyers and chartered accountants. The NAMZ team possesses in-depth understanding of the Zimbabwean macro environment and the vast investment opportunities that can be unlocked by the team’s innovation, unique insights, and global experience in both traditional and alternative asset management.

NAMZ Products and Services

NAMZ offers a variety of wholesale investment products in the form of stand-alone segregated portfolios to pension funds, large corporates with excess cash or unproductive physical assets, high net worth clients and retail investors. The product portfolio is designed to meet investors with various risk profiles thereby meeting the different and unique client needs.

Nurture recognizes that many of the traditional investment products do not adequately meet some of the main common needs of clients in Zimbabwe such as preservation of monetary value in real terms, providing stable and sustainable returns, and security of the investment. Disciplined risk management practices and a dynamic proactive approach therefore guide our product formulation and investment management processes.

From a pension fund seeking to grow its pool of wealth for its beneficiaries, to a corporate seeking to maximize returns on excess liquidity and to a family seeking financial security for a rainy day or seeking to grow an education fund, at Nurture, we tailor considered investment solutions to help you realize your objectives and dreams, whatever they may be.

NAMZ’s products and services include:

  • Treasury Management;

  • Pension Fund Portfolio Management;

  • Real Estate Investment Trusts;

  • Exchange Traded Funds;

  • Education Funds;

  • Authorized Alternative Investments;

  • Private Client Portfolio Management;

  • Investment Advisory; and

  • Financial Modelling