Nurture Investing in Growth


Our strategy

At the core of the Nurture investment strategy is a long term focus in industries and sectors with high growth potential in the Southern African region. Nurture typically invests in companies/transactions that have the following characteristics:

  • Nurture’saims to acquire control or influential minority positions in companies:
  • Companies that have a strong sustainable competitive advantage with significant potential for growth through consolidation or accessing new markets
  • Investment sourcing is driven using a thematic approach, focused on proactively identifying investment opportunities in sectors that are congruent with the thinking at Nurture.
  • Nurture works closely with like-minded stakeholders to devise and implement operational changes to the business.
  • Nurture works with highly motivated entrepreneurs and management teams to ensure all stakeholder interests are completely aligned.


Our Values


Integrity is the absolute core of Nurture’s activities – without it there is no honesty, truth or dependability. As a result, we can measure our own performance and our stakeholders’ against the highest standards.


True to our roots,we grew up with a culture of freedom and creativity that we enjoy applying to our work.

At Nurture, we take pride in an innate ability to find creative solutions that generate mutually beneficial investments.

Nurture combines a deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the developing markets in which we invest with the best-in-class investment tools available in order to structure transactions that have appropriate risk/reward frameworks for an ever-changing investment environment.

Beyond Capability

Nurture’s investors, partners and other stakeholders expect us to go beyond strong, sustainable investment performance and deliver, also, a proactive and dynamic relationship.

We aim to be a partner you can trust and offer an open and ongoing dialogue.Blending world-class investment skills with unsurpassed service helps investors and management meet collective goals.


Nurture’s capability is enhanced by passion and commitment.
And this is where our name comes in again… before growth can happen, it takes foresight, patience and long-term commitment. It takes a little Nurture.

Simply put, Nurture cares enormously about what we do and we seek to improve our already high criteria. This includes being responsive on a day-by-day basis to our stakeholders’ needs and meeting them head-on.


Nurture’s extensive network of professional and personal relationships underpins all our daily activities and we constantly seek to develop this network for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders.



our philosophy

Across all of our investment activities, Nurture has a common belief that insightfulness and understanding will give us a significant platform that enables to evaluate risks in-order to meet our investment objectives. As such, our investment analysis is multifaceted making use of the diverse set of skills in-house and also drawing from the skills in the vast network of expertise we have access to globally. We also believe in being on the ground in the markets assessing risks and opportunities as they arise on a day to day basis.

Nurture is passionately committed to adding value to portfolio companies and adopts a value-add philosophy which entails in active participation in investee companies with the level of participation depending on the company.


Our Task

We’ve made it the Nurture mission to consistently deliver sustainable, risk-adjusted returns to our stakeholders by actively seeking out, carefully structuring and intensively managing investments in the Southern African region, with a principal focus on Zimbabwe.


Strategy Continued

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