Nurture Investing in Growth


Our Investment Strategy

At the core of Nurture’s investment strategy is a long-term focus on businesses and sectors with high growth potential in the Southern African region.

Value creation requires a hands-on, active application of change management to build market leaders with potential for consolidation.

Nurture typically invests in companies/transactions that offer the following:

  • An opportunity to acquire control or offer influential minority positions
  • A strong, sustainable competitive advantage with significant potential for growth, through consolidation or accessing new markets
  • A thematic approach, focused on proactively identifying investment opportunities in sectors that are congruent with our thinking
  • A chance to work closely with like-minded stakeholders to devise and implement operational changes to the business
  • Highly motivated entrepreneurs and management teams to ensure all stakeholder interests are completely aligned

Investment Partners

Nurture has a strong network of debt providers and equity investors that include development finance institutions, leading hedge funds, family offices and high net worth individuals in South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Hong Kong. Nurture invests its own principal capital alongside our investors to ensure consistent alignment between our own interests and those of our investors.